Have you ever had the opportunity to undertake leisurely walks on the streets of London or any other town in UK? If yes, then a feature that could not have escaped your notice is that of sash windows that grace the Victorian, Gothic and Edwardian structures even today, emanating as much charm as they did hundreds of years ago when they were installed. One of the best ways to understand these retro style windows entails getting in touch with sash windows Putney and sash windows Battersea contractors. They will explain that these windows usually follow a configuration of six by six wherein the term ‘sash’ refers to a movable panel.

It was sometime during the late seventeenth century that sash windows were introduced for the first time in England and proof of this has endured till this day in form of sash windows sported by the Ham House. History is unclear as to the person who invented these windows and while some attribute their invention to Robert Hooke, others give credit to the Dutch. In spite of being several generations old, this style is commonly seen in London and other cities in the UK owing to its elegance and timeless charm. This also explains the presence of sash windows Putney contractors in various parts of the island nation.

Sash windows could be single hung or double hung and while both score well in terms of elegance, sash windows Battersea contractors will tell you how different they are in terms of style and functionality. If your property happens to feature a sash window which is single hung, it implies that all the panes would remain stationery except one, thus placing limits on the degree of movement. Usually this freedom is granted to the lower pane wherein it can be made to open at an angle to facilitate ventilation as also cleaning.

Comparatively, double-hung sash windows permit a higher degree of flexibility because halves can be moved independent of each other. Most sash windows Putney contractors recommend this variety not just because they allow for better ventilation but also because they facilitate cleaning with ease. There was a time in the past when home owners criticized double-hung sash windows as being too vulnerable to weather. But over a period of time, there has been an improvement in this respect with the result that such windows are eco friendly and flexible while being strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

White by far remains the most popular colour as far as the sash windows are concerned but the onus is on the home owner to opt for a colour that best echoes his home’s interior as also exterior. Traditionally, sash windows have always been made of wood but nowadays home owners have the option of uPVC too which, although not as elegant as wood, is a more cost effective option. Another alternative is that of getting customized sash windows built and it requires identifying a specialized sash windows Battersea contractor who would not just handle the task from start to finish but also respond to maintenance calls and summons for repair. Sash windows have been around since the seventeenth century and are of two types both of which can be handled well by an adept sash windows Putney ( http://curtistimberwindows.co.uk/sash_windows ) contractor. If you do have a reliable and professional sash windows Battersea ( http://curtistimberwindows.co.uk/sash_windows ) service provider close at hand, then getting customized sash windows for your home would be well within your reach.