Saregama celebrates the spirit of Fatherhood with singer Shaan and his son Shubh

~The music company launches a special song with singer Shaan and his son Shubh on the occasion of Father’s Day~

Mumbai, June 2018: Saregama celebrates the unique bond between father and child, by launching a special song today on the occasion of Father’s Day, with singer Shaan and his son Shubh. The song titled HukusBukus is a reworking of an old Kashmiri tune, and is also going to be featured in the forthcoming film Hamid, produced by Yoodlee Films - the film production arm of Saregama.

Shaan has been captivating audiences with some of the most iconic Bollywood renditions for years. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Shaan and his thirteen year old son, Shubh collaborate with Saregama to launch HukusBukus’, a special dedication to fathers all over. Shaan also features in the music video of the song which has been shot entirely in Kashmir.

Talking about the song, the singer said, Composing this song was a wonderful experience. The song talks about how we are all the same when one divine power has created us all. I wanted to keep the original song as intact as possible, and yet lend it a beat that complements its signature tune and is catchy as well. My son has sung in this song with me and working with him makes the song that much more special”

On launching the song on such a special day,Mr. Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama India said, “We, at Saregama are excited to celebrate the spirit of Father’s Day with a special song and who better than Shaan and his son Shubh to bring that to life. HukusBukus is a charming and a lovely song and Shaan has given it his unique style. I hope this song finds resonance all over.”

About Saregama India:

Formerly known as The Gramophone Company of India Ltd, Saregama owns the largest music archives in India, one of the biggest in the world.  The ownership of nearly 50 per cent of all the music ever recorded in India also makes Saregama the most authoritative repository of the country’s musical heritage. Saregama has now expanded into other branches of entertainment – it is involved in publishing, television software and digital content. It also runs studio facilities in Dum Dum, Kolkata making it one of the best end-to-end entertainment houses in the country.