United States, March 20, 2016 (americagivesrealty.com) Sarasota and Florida’s Gulf Coast has officially opened its doors to America Gives Realty Group, an organization that is committed to giving back to members of society who have dedicated their lives in the service of others and of the nation. America Gives Realty Group firmly believes that the nation’s veterans, teachers, law enforcement officers, doctors, firefighters, and members of any ministry deserve to have their dream homes in a very scenic location with warm hospitality and excellent quality of life opportunities.

A company article said that America Gives Realty Group firmly believes in the spirit of giving and helping others as the backbone of America. And when it comes to selfless dedication and commitment to serving others, no one can ever come close to those provided by the nation’s military service personnel and veterans, doctors, other healthcare practitioners, teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers as well as members of any ministry. Having partnered with the city government of Sarasota and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Coast, the America Gives real estate company is proud to be able to provide more meaningful dream homes for the nation’s best and selfless service providers.

Sarasota’s warm subtropical climate makes it an ideal location for the dream homes of service providers all over the nation. The real estate market in Sarasota has been booming in the past few years driven by a robust economy and a better-than-average national economic outlook. Sarasota’s real estate market is capitalizing on the municipality’s many historic firsts as well as the warm blue waters of the Sarasota Bay which feeds off the Gulf of Mexico. Sarasota’s shallow shelf extends well over a hundred miles into the Gulf of Mexico providing an excellent selling point for America Gives Realty Group real estate company that is proud to provide excellent home ownership options for the nation’s veterans and military service personnel, doctors, other healthcare practitioners, firefighters, teachers, members of any ministry, and law enforcement officers.

America Gives Realty Group is optimistic of its ability to make real the dreams of the nation’s service personnel of owning a home. With their industry-changing home buying and selling business model, America Gives Realty Group is setting the standard for true value homes for the nation’s heroes. According to a company spokesman, “Buyers are automatically given a 25 percent closing cost credit from the real estate company’s commission. For example, if an individual buys a house for $250,000 at a buyer’s commission rate of 3 percent for a commission of $7,500, then 25% of this ($1,875) will be automatically given to the buyer at closing.”

America Gives Realty Group can also help home sellers by charging only 1 percent commission compared to other real estate companies that charge 6 percent. “This is absolute savings and a great way to help our nation’s heroes and those who serve others”, explains the company representative.

About America Gives Realty Group
Founded on the strong belief that America is founded on giving and serving others, America Gives Realty Group strives to provide the nation’s heroes - military service personnel and veterans, doctors, other healthcare practitioners, teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers as well as members of any ministry — the chance either to buy their dream property at lower prices or to sell their property at significantly higher prices, both for greater savings. America Gives Realty Group firmly believes in keeping the American Spirit alive by paying it forward.

For more information, interested individuals can logon to www.americagivesrealty.com or give them a call at 1(888)758-7974.

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