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Phil Minton, a photographer in Santa Rosa, Calif., wants to do something special for himself — and his community.

Minton would like very much to have his own photography studio, a place where he can be creative. “I have all the equipment I need,” he explained. “I just need four walls and a roof to take my art, and my business to the next level.”

Minton, who works as a senior designer for a civil engineering firm, has been creating photographic fine art as a freelancer for the past eight years and is looking to make it his full-time vocation.

“My photos are enhanced with emotion, passion and drama, which is not what you find at any mall photo shop,” he said. “I have vision creativity. I just need a space to create.”

How does this benefit the community? According to Minton, there are no photography studios in Santa Rosa; the closest studio is in San Francisco, more than an hour away. The proposed studio would be available as a rental to local photographers and would also provide opportunities for area models.

“There are so many commercial real estate signs advertising empty spaces in this city, and there is a need for more people to step up and bring new revenue and jobs to the community,” said Minton. “I'm not going to get rich by doing this, I'm just going to be supporting myself and my family, and providing a quality service to the community.”

To make this happen, he needs some start-up capital and enough money to place a down payment on a Small Business Association loan. Minton estimates the total to be $16,000 and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate this funding.

The Kickstarter page, which includes several samples of his work, can be viewed at . Additional photography samples can be found on Minton’s website,

Donations of any amount can be made through the Kickstarter page. Pledges of $50 or more fetch high-quality prints from Minton’s portfolio. A contribution of $5,000 gets the donor a free photo session and all the photos.

“I've been thinking about striking out on my own for too long,” said Minton, whose work has been published on the National Geographic website and in American History magazine, and displayed in many local art galleries. “My regular day job just doesn't cut it anymore, and I know I have more to offer to my community. I know what I need to do, and I know I can do it well.”

For additional information, visit ; Minton’s website, ; or his Facebook page,

Minton can be reached directly at [email protected]

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