The planned developments for the Menorcan town of Sant Lluis, to take place over the next few years, could make that village into another attractive spot for customers of villa rental companies such as Bartle Holidays

The crux of these plans, laid out by the Sant Lluis City Council, is to potentiate the tourist appeal of the town’s historical connections to France. Despite being under Spanish rule, Sant Lluis has a strong French identity, and it is this that authorities in the Council want to bring to the forefront on the course of this development plan. 

The development plan in question is made up of no less than 39 steps, which the Council is planning to steadily implement over a period of years. Among the items on the already written-up list of planned improvements are better infra-structures, branding initiatives and an investment in sustainable tourism. 

The declared effort to capture the French public will permeate all of these initiatives, with most of the documentation henceforth being provided not only in Spanish and English but also in French. In a further bid to highlight the settlement’s links to France, a new centre for French culture is also planned as an extension of the town’s ethnological museum, known as the Moli de Dalt. In addition, shopkeepers around town will be given French language courses, in order to better communicate with potential francophone visitors. Finally, Sant Lluis will be geminating with the French town of Ferté-sous-Jouarre, where a replica of the Moli de Dalt’s characteristic wheel has already been built. 

Despite the heavy incidence in the town’s French identity, this plan does not neglect the sun-and-surf aspect of Sant Lluis’s tourist appeal, either. A series of localised initiatives aiming to promote the location as a holiday resort are also included in the plan, which, authorities expect, will serve as a source of appeal for customers of villa rental companies such as Bartle Holidays. 

Despite still being at a very early stage of development, the Council aims to begin implementing these measures as soon as possible. 

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