Algodones, Mexico — Dr. Enrique Jimenez. Founder of Sani Dental Group has recently noticed an uptick in his business from the United States and attributes this to young people hoping to get a bit of dental work before they head off to their spring break destination.

The Sani Dental Group is a leader in what is known as the dental tourism industry. Dental tourism is the name given to the trend of US nationals traveling to Mexican towns near the border in order to take advantage of the affordable prices offered by Mexican dentists. Since thousands of young Americans travel to Mexico each year for spring break it’s a quick and easy side trip to stop at one of the Mexican dental practices before heading to the beach.

Sani Dental Group is located in Algodones, Mexico just across the border from Yuma, Arizona and easily accessible to U.S. nationals. The practice offers the full range of dental services including crowns & veneers, implants, dentures and basic dental procedures. The most popular services, especially with young Americans are the teeth whitening services that are offered at up to 70% off of US prices.

Sani Dental Group is a member of the American Dental Association and Dr. Jimenez and his staff are trained in the latest dental procedures. The practice also offers the most modern technology to ensure all of their procedures are of the highest quality. Unlike many other practices the Sani Dental Group offers an on-site laboratory so that the lab technician and the dentist can coordinate all procedures in one place. Dr. Jimenez also has an agreement with the only hotel in Algodones so that those who travel to his practice for treatment will have a place to stay if needed.


Enrique Jimenez, D.D.S. founded the Sani Dental Group in 1985 to provide quality dental services to clients in Mexico and the United States. Today the practice is known for its comprehensive and affordable dental offerings and is recognized as one of the top dental practices in the dental tourism industry.

To learn more about receiving dental work in Mexico please visit the Sani Dental Group website for more information.

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