April 13, 2015 — San Diego. California – dental implants are a popular choice for replacing lost or broken teeth. However, Dr. Sonny Aryan, a specialist in implant dentistry in San Diego, says that patients considering a dental implant need to talk to a qualified, experienced dentist to ensure the best results possible.

Dental implants have many advantages over other forms of tooth replacement such as bridges or dentures; dentures can often be uncomfortable and appear unnatural, while bridges might lack stability and will not last as long as a dental implant.

In addition, dental implants look better aestetically and if properly fitted, will last a lifetime; implants will help to preserve nearby bone and allow normal function, while looking natural.

Dr. Sonny Aryan, a dentist at dentist Pacific beach in San Diego, says;

“The benefits of dental implants will far outweigh any possible negatives for many patients, however, it is vital patients go to a dentist that has the relevant experience and qualifications in implant dentistry if they want to get the best results, and if they want to gain a clear understanding of what to expect”.

“Undergoing implant dentistry can be a long-term commitment, and as it does involve some minor surgery, it is imperative the patient chooses a dentist that has the right credentials and is dedicated to patient care.”

Dr. Sonny Aryan, a San Diego Dentist, is a Doctor of dentistry at the University of California San Francisco and UCLA implant placement restoration,  and has years of experience in helping patients to successfully restore their smiles.

As undergoing implant dentistry is a decision that should not be taken lightly, Dr. Sonny Ayran is happy to talk with any patient to discuss the process and what it involves in order for the patient to make an informed decision about getting a dental implant.

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