Salon Solutions Group, one of the pioneering firms dedicated to offeringpremium skin and hair care products, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new product line “SkinX Men’s Skin Care Collection” scheduled for April 25, 2015. The new men’s collection is inclusive of 4 key products, namely Skin X Fresh (Astringent and Cleanser), Skin X Smooth (Premium Shaving Gel), Skin X Tight (Post-Shave Lotion) and Skin X Shea Complex (Skin and Hair Shea Butter).

According to Sherod Holloway (Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing), “We are excited to announce the launch of our new range of men’s grooming products.  The entire line of the Skin X Men’s Skin Care Collection is designed to help men maintain healthy skin and as a result, the collection will help men build positive attitudes about their appearances.” Holloway, who is also a Master Barber and a professional in the Haircare Industry for over 20 years, went on to say, “We believe when you combine education and reputable products, you have a working formula for maintaining healthy skin.  A man with healthy skin is a man with Confidence.”

Men across the globe agree that good grooming reflects confidence, attractiveness, professionalism, and overall health. Grooming helps define the way men see themselves and the way others perceive them.However, when it comes to proper grooming of the skin, one cannot simply rely on ordinary skin care products that could actually do more harm than good. The good news is that Salon Solutions Group is a product development company thatspecializes in effective solutions that help men solve skin problems associated with ingrown hair, dryness, blocked pores and oily skin.

On April 25, 2015, they will be officially launching their new Skin X Men’s Skin Care Collection, which will provide men with a perfect regimen that promotes skin care in three easy steps, which fit into any man’s daily grooming routine: Cleanse, Shave and Finish.

The product range is inclusive of:

-    Skin X Fresh: helps the skin to hydrate, improves the natural firmness of the skin, and accelerates the healing of the skin.
-    Skin X Smooth: helps protect the skin from irritations with moisturizes that refreshes the skin after close shaves
-    Skin X Tight: helps restore skin balance with dual action formula designed as lightweight moisturizer and calming aftershave.
-    Skin X Shea Complex: provides intense moisture for dry, rough skin or can be used for improving and revitalizing hair texture.

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About Salon Solutions Group

Salon Solution Group, headquarters in Raleigh, NC, was founded in 2013 as a developer and distributor of skin care and hair care products.

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