May 23, 2013, EASTHAMPTON, Massachusetts - The Sales Training Institute is pleased to announce the release of their new sales training course called Sales For Non-Sales Professionals, today at their headquarters in Easthampton MA USA.

“Sales For Non-Sales Professionals is a transformational sales training course that changes the way non-sales professionals understand and support the sales process. Our consultative, relationship-based approach to sales training uncovers client needs & supports both buyer and seller in win-win purchases, even when the seller is in more of a support role such as a customer service representative” asserts Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Sales Training Institute. Sales For Non-Sales Professionals and its sister program Sales Success provide a dynamic process for achieving your sales goals—no matter your product or service. Incorporating instruction, demonstration and role plays, both sales training courses expand your toolbox of successful sales skills and strategies while leading you to richer sales success with today’s enlightened buyers.

According to Jim Hornickel, Director of Training at Sales Training Institute, “Our sales training course will help those who are non-sales professionals. In this sales training program, you will learn consultative selling and how to expand your personal power for effectiveness. By putting into practice what you learn at our sales training program, you can uncover new approaches for handling differing personalities and learn to deliver a dynamic formula for strong sales results. In addition, our sales training courses will help you heighten your ability to overcome objections and teach you mutual-gains strategies”.

The two day Sales For Non Sales Professionals sales training course may be offered in a one and a half day format with optional follow up sales training coaching. According to Bob Torsey, Senior Facilitator at the Sales Training Institute “Coaching is a powerful way to build on the new skills and ensure that sales training dollars are maximized”. He adds “Contact us for more information about the Sales For Non Sales Professionals training course or to discuss your organization’s corporate training needs. We love to customize the sales training sessions to really reflect the everyday situations your teams face”.

Feedback about the new sales training course has been very positive. One of the recent participants named Kevin had this to say about the Sales For Non Sales Professionals Training Course: “Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm for the sales training course. I felt your style of teaching benefited our group in that it allowed us to be interactive and really get into the subject matter. Your enthusiasm and encouragement is easily spread throughout the room, and I do believe that is an extremely unique skill for many instructors and teachers.”

At the launch Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at the Sales Training Institute, remarked “One of the things we teach at our sales training courses is that sales research says that if everything else is close to equal, people will buy from and stay with people and companies they like”. The foundation of lasting customer relationships is the Platinum Rule. Unlike the Golden Rule, which tells us to treat others as we want to be treated, the Platinum Rule suggests that we treat others (internal and external customers) as they want to be treated. “In other words, meet customers where they are. Take the time (even if you only have a minute on the phone) to get curious about who they are, how they approach things, and what their needs are—their needs as a person as well as their business needs,” adds Ms. Guthrie, Director of Sales Training Institute. Undoubtedly all this curiosity and relationship will pay off in stronger sales outcomes.

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