Sales Fueled, a firm that specializes in providing its clients with quality B2B leads recently detailed their plan to help website owners generate more leads and increase sales. The owners of Sales Fueled are providing access to the system for sales people, marketing executives, and business owners who need to find and target the people most interested in their product or service. A company spokesman summed it up this way, “With the Sales Fueled system a client’s website becomes a lead generator providing sales teams with robust information about each and every lead in real time.”

The Sales Fueled system is designed to make the lives of sales professionals easier. Instead of spending incredible amounts of time on lead generation that results in prospects that may or may not be interested in their product or service, these sales professionals get information on people who have actually visited their website and are interested in what they have to offer. The Sales Fueled system has been described by industry leaders as a “lead generating machine” because it works by letting sales teams know who is visiting their website, what company they are from, what products and services they are interested in, their contact information and the length of time they spent on the website.

In addition to the business to business leads generated, what users of the Sales Fueled system find of incredible valuable is the ease of use and no maintenance aspects of the system. Installation takes less than five minutes and there are no configuration issues, no consultants and no implementation involved.

Another aspect of this B2B prospecting system that has sales professionals taking notice is the company’s offer of a free trial. Prospective users can get this trial by simply visiting the Sales Fueled website and entering some basic information. The free trial lasts 14 days and can be obtained with no credit card information required.

To learn more about this innovative new lead generation system visit the Sales Fueled website or call 800.516.5249 to speak with a company representative.