Based in Miami Florida, a rising company has organized an expanding team of the HVAC specialists. The team combined to offer its expertise to each individual application. This was an effort made many years ago. Today, the company leads the industry in providing clean air through the innovative Ductless Split ACs and other additional air conditioners.

The company has been the go to web site among the residents for getting quality home appliances. it has been selectively choosing its merchandize for sale to the public, making it its mission to ensure clearing breathing air in every home. Air being the most essential element for sustenance, the company believes that all out effort should be made to get nothing short of the best. Today, with its sincere effort, it is one of the best sellers of the ductless mini split air conditioner in addition to all home appliances dedicated to providing clean and cool air to the inmates of the house. The products for sale by the Payless Mini Split have been provided for new constructions as well as for the retrofit add ons. The add ons have been known to have given a face lift to many buildings given out for rental. Heating and cooling have been appreciated to have been all done with affordable ductwork in home floors, ceilings and walls.

The Air-con, Klimaire and Mitsubishi brand air conditioners have been especially demanded for new constructions while on the other hand more affordable ones were preferred for add ons in old buildings. The company, having supplied over thousands of mini split air conditioners to the residents of the area, has become a household name. Most of the multi family homes have shown a higher level of favor and preference to the non duct heating systems. This is more proficient as well as easier to use. For more information please visit


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The paylessminisplit is the web site that is commited to creating a healthy, comfortable and safe living environment for the people. it has been a leading supplier and skilled specialist in Environmental Control Systems.

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