Personal protective gear and safety equipment can make all the difference in extreme weather and dangerous working environments. Safety equipment expert recommends company health and safety officers inspect gear now to avoid worker injury or death.

Lyndhurst, NJ (PR Web) 18 Nov 2009—Safety experts at TuffRhino ( are advising all officials designated as company health and safety representatives to inspect their worker's safety equipment and gear. This task becomes even more important as inclement weather begins to settle upon most of the country. Road crews, construction crews, and utility workers often work hours in extreme weather conditions and must be protected from the elements. More often than not, the only thing separating these types of workers from the weather is their safety gear.

Along with the challenge of protecting workers from cold, wet conditions is the safety issue of visibility. High-visibility jackets, hard hats and road cones can and do lose their luminescence with wear-and-tear. Replacing gear that has lost its safety-value should be a priority for all companies required to provide safety equipment to its workers.

Lyda Brattoli, customer service exec at TuffRhino, recently stated that TuffRhino is dedicated to providing high-quality safety equipment to its clients at very competitive rates. "Protecting people is what we do," she said. "And we work hard to ensure that our customers have access to everything they need. Our product line is extensive and includes outdoor safety gear, hearing protection, ventilators, barricades…you name it, and we probably have it."

When asked if she was seeing any trends, she replied: "It's unfortunate but with the downturn in the economy it seems as if more and more companies are putting off the purchase of new safety equipment for their workers. This inaction can have severe consequences not only for workers who may be injured or killed, but also for companies that might face legal action for not providing for those workers. We've made a commitment here at TuffRhino to keep our prices as low as possible. We don't want any worker to go without his or her safety gear because of price. We are also urging company safety reps to inspect their worker's gear as this simple, yet important, task is often overlooked."

For more information on how you can protect your workers, visit TuffRhino at where you can view their entire product line. The site also contains valuable information on ANSI regulations as well as current news topics.

Lyda Brattoli
Customer Service Executive
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