Safelink Wireless is one of the most well known providers of affordable cell phones to low income Americans. The service is provided by TracFone and the company recently introduced and simple application process for those who qualify for this important service. Millions of Americans struggle monthly to meet their basic needs and few can afford the luxury of a cell phone. Through various government programs, services like Safelink Wireless offer these individuals the chance to own a cell phone and stay connected to the outside world for both basic communications and for safety reasons. Often the application process for these programs is long and complex but the Safelink Wireless application is one of the easiest in the industry to complete.

The Safelink application process is quite simple and requires on three steps. First, the applicant can visit the Safelink Wireless website and fill out the application online. Applicants should be cautious when filling the application out and make sure that all of the information is entered correctly. Once complete, the applicant can hit enter to send the application for processing. That is basically all there is to the application process and the other two steps just make sure the applicant has the information they need to check on the status of their phone. The second step requires the applicant to download the completed application for their records and the third is simply the applicant writing down the enrollment identification provided by Safelink so that the applicant can check the status of their application.

Safelink Wireless is one of the more popular government backed cell phone programs because the eligibility requirements are clear, the application process is easy and the plans are designed for those who can afford very little. Unlike some of the other programs however, the Safelink Wireless program does require users to be citizens of the US, to have a valid US postal service address and use the phone on a regular basis in order to avoid having the phone de enrolled from the program.

Those who want to learn more about the Safelink Wireless application process can visit the Wireless Gov Phone website where they can also analyze the Safelink program as well as other government backed cell phone service programs -