Sacred Splendor guarantees relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind through special massage therapies. This luxurious private sanctuary offers body treatments and therapeutic massage using organic olive oil from Sophia's (the owner ) family olive farm in Greece as well as organic coconut oil and hot stone therapy.

Sacred Splendor offers customized massage therapies based on the requirements of customers. Prenatal massage is another massage service offered by Sacred Splendor. The soothing ambience, the serene interiors and the use of authentic and relaxing oils relieves customers from the daily stress and tension. It also gives an inner peace and tranquility.

Quoting from Sophia's own words , “Sacred Splendor is a luxury private Sanctuary that offers the most relaxing, therapeutic massage and body treatments in Santa Monica, California.

We help you unwind and heal from the pressures of modern life by customizing your session to your needs. Sacred Splendor provides a wellness sanctuary for all things healing and positive. From the aroma of organic essential oils, relaxing interiors, our tranquil ambiance and kind energy transports you to a realm of inner peace and balance.”

Each and every massage offered by this therapeutic center is a combination of different types of massage techniques that includes deep tissue relaxation massage, Thai stretching, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology and various other wellness techniques. Extra virgin olive oil is blended with other pure essential oils for massage therapies. Apart from body massage therapies, body scrub therapies are also offered at this healing sanctuary.

One of the recent customer comments, “It is one of the best massage centers I have ever been to. Sophia is really great and knows her job well. I just can’t wait to go back for another session. I had an injury and I was struggling for the past few months. I am so happy that I found the perfect clinic to get rid of my pain and feel rejuvenated and relaxed after such a long time. Thanks Sophia!”

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About Sacred Splendor

Scared Splendor is a luxurious massage center that offers a wide variety of massage therapies and relaxation techniques.

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