Sacramento, CA, United States, 07, June 2016: Sacramento DUI attorney, John Williams maintains that a solid defense strategy can be created for an accused, even if a breathalyzer test goes against him or her. A breathalyzer is a device used by the law enforcing agencies to measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels of a driver. These agencies often use a high BAC level as an important evidence to prove the crime of a DUI accused. However, the breathalyzer test results are not always accurate, and on this ground, the test can be challenged in the court.

According to Attorney John Williams, an experienced attorney can always challenge the breathalyzer test results to nullify the claims of the agencies that the accused was under the influence of alcohol while driving. He explains the simple process of the breathalyzer and how the law enforcing agencies rely on it to prove someone guilty in the court. One just needs to breathe into the device and if the BAC level is recorded over 0.08%, the law enforcing officer has all the rights to arrest the driver under the DUI law of the state.

However, Attorney Williams maintains that the accuracy of the breathalyzer test results can always challenged in the court. According to him, the device was invented 50 years ago, and it still runs outdated software, and this is the reason why the accuracy of the result is challengeable in the court. There are several attorneys in Sacramento who have been continuously arguing that a person cannot be held guilty on the basis of results measured from an outdated device.

The court also stresses upon the necessity of updating the software periodically, so that the breathalyzer tests can be trusted as solid evidence. However, the court also has ruled that breathalyzers need to be replaced with a more advanced device in 2016. This is the reason why Attorney Williams believes that one should know about the breathalyzer tests and how and why it can be challenged in the court. One can read the complete details on his blog

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