Although Russia is not necessarily one of the countries in the world that every emigrant wants to get into, there is a list of good reasons for which it has earned the acclaim of the global population. If you put aside the Russian Mafia, a history marked by totalitarian imperialism and all those dangerous seductive Russian scammer girls who fabricate non-existent relationships with their victims by email to coax them into sending them money, it is very easy to relish the ballet, the vodka, such great writers as Pushkin and Gorky... and the wholesale gourmet food. For Russia has a history of being ruled over by an oligarchy government; and modern Russia will quite happily sell the foods of this former culture to foreigners for the right price.

And Russians may be enthused to hear that there are caviar factories in the Western world right now. Black caviar, red caviar, fish products, meat products... Olma-XXI Inc. is a company that trades it all. They refer to themselves as a producer, packer and importer / exporter of caviar, fish and meat products, with their aim defined as: to bring a combination of the best Russian tradition and American quality to your own table.

But, if you run a business, no matter the quality of your products it is unlikely that you will attract customers if you fail to offer customer-friendly business methods. Olma-XXI Inc. understands this very well; putting forth, as it does, an option of buying online. If you have computer at home, you can buy some of these amazing products in a very short space of time, needing nothing more than a Paypal or Moneybookers account with enough money contained therein or a credit or debit card with enough money on it. (Ask your bank about credit card options; but if you are new to the exciting world of trading using a Paypal or Moneybookers account then all you have to do is start off by having an email address; before searching for Paypal or Moneybookers on a search engine, clicking on the official link and following instructions after clicking on “Create account” / “Register”. You get charged a small fee every time you make a transaction and you can send and receive payments in more than one currency, too!).

In practice, fish is not a “simple food”, which is to say that getting the best of fish recipes requires that it be prepared by a professional chef. And although Olma-XXI Inc. is no particularly glamorous company, they do offer all the “classic favourites”, including herring, smoked fish and dry fish. Those who really want to show off will be pleased that you can purchase caviar from this company.