RuReal app is a specially designed application that usually helps in stalking a particular image on web. This app is very easy to use.

There is a bunch of image editing and image creating apps, available on today’s date. However, an individual would need to go through a lot of difficulties, if an image locator application is required by him or her. Sbcglobal has extended its hands, with the aim of facilitating the commoners in this regard. RuReal app is introduced by them to help in cyberstalking of images.

Reports have shown that, the app works as a comprehensive scam detector for images. This is an intelligent app, which would also help in identifying the actual resource of a fake image.  However, this application can be used both for real or fake images.  This application is used by the smart phone users of different age groups. Parents are often found to take the help of this app, in order to restrain their children from mutualizing any image on internet.

This app is used by a number of people on today’s date. As stated by a recent user, “I used to get random mails from unknown IDs, which used to have lot of images in it. Then a friend of mine suggested me this app, which helped me in detecting the source of these images. I have never seen such an amazing app before. All you need to do is to save the suspicious image in your system and the app would take care of the rest. This is an awesome app that I use daily.”

Different versions of this app are now available for the Android as well as iOS users. Other than that, individuals, who regularly get spam mails with lodes of images, then, RuReal can be used in detecting the source of the images. This application would also be useful in restraining cyberbullying.

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