22, May 2015: As we know, there are other random objects and items to make through Crafting.

All of them are listed in the table and some of them are described below for more information on how to obtain the required items: When you kill a Mort Myre Snail in the Mort Myre swamp, they will drop a shell as well as some RS Gold.

If you use a chisel on the shell, you will be able to make a snelm, which gives Crafting experience.

You can abrasion these snelms on your arch and appear in an array of shapes and sizes depending on the Snail it came from.

The Shades of Mort’ton quest brought limestone brick crafting.

You would mine limestone from rocks located near the temple leading to Mort’ton, then use a chisel on the limestone to get a limestone brick.

There are also some limestone rocks in Tirannwn.

When you annihilate a Broodoo Victim in the Tai Bwo Wannai area, he will bead a mask, which you can about-face into a broodoo shield.

The feather headdress is an item used in Summoning, to store 15 Summoning scrolls which can then be used whenever the appropriate familiar has been summoned.

The crab claw is an item worm in the gloves slot.

To acquire this item, a player must kill crabs.

They are found only in an undersea crab pen located in a Mogre Camp off of Port Khazard and the Dragontooth Shipwreck off the Coast of Dragontooth Island.

The crab helmet is found the same way as the crab claw.

The rabbit’s bottom can be acquired through the Hunter accomplishment by snaring the aerial at akin 27 hunting.

Using the rabbit’s bottom with the brawl of wool, you will accomplish a strung rabbit’s foot and Runescape Gold.

When you annihilate a yak on Neitiznot Island, it will bead some yak-hide.

You use this yak-hide to ability the yak-hide legs and yak-hide body

Upon completion of the Enlightened Journey, you can make origami balloons for the sake of it.

They can be fun to mess around with.

In order to make these, you will need two dark kebbit furs and 600gp, and then you need to go to the fancy clothes store in Varrock.

The gloves of silence will greatly increase your chance of success of pick pocketing and Cheap RS Gold; however they may degrade rather quickly and will need to be replaced.

If you wish to wear your gloves of silence, you will need to be level 54 hunters.

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