Nicosia, Cyprus- November 20, 2009 - With its advanced technology and unparallel popularity RummyRoyal is the best Online Rummy application in the world. RummyRoyal‘s application contains the most popular Rummy variations and boasts outstanding graphics. RummyRoyal‘s major appeal is due to the fact that Rummy players world wide can hone their skills against opponents from around the globe. RummyRoyal‘s Rummy application is user-friendly, including demos, interactive tutorials and game trainers; therefore, mastering every aspect of the game takes only several minutes.

Due to the overwhelming success in North America, Western Europe and the Middle East, RummyRoyal is addressing the Eastern European market. RummyRoyal‘s popularity rose substantially in Eastern Europe when the Romanian and Hungarian applications were launched in mid 2008. Due to the success of Romanian Online Rummy and
Hungarian Online Rummy, RummyRoyal‘s management decided to gear their effort toward a great untapped potential, Eastern Europe. In order to capitalize on the Eastern European market, RummyRoyal launched two new languages in September and October of 2009 Russian Online Rummy and Polish Online Rummy.

With the Romanian and Hungarian languages, and the addition of Russian and Polish, most of the Eastern European Rummy players and fans can enjoy the application and web site in their native tongue. This expansion allows even more players to join the ever growing community of Rummy players playing both for money and for fun, as well as the ability to hone their skills against others from around the world.

The addition of the two new languages brings RummyRoyal‘s language count to an outstanding total of 14 languages. As of today, both RummyRoyal‘s application and website are available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and Polish. RummyRoyal is not stopping here and plans to add several more languages by the second quarter of 2010.

In 2008 when RummyRoyal launched its application in Romanian and Hungarian there was an immediate boost in traffic. Hundreds of thousands of players (mainly from Western and Eastern Europe) joined RummyRoyal and increased the game room traffic immensely. RummyRoyal predicts that the newly added languages will prove to be extremely successful and will have a similar growth affect on their game room.