United Kingdom; 21, May 2015: Rugs come into varied uses owing to their fluffy and fur content. Their softness and warmth make them suitable to be placed as bedding, sofa cover, wall hanging, etc. Rughouse is a website selling different types of rugs in various sizes, designs, colours and patterns. There are different filters available in the site to check out a suitable colour and size. The online store has a wide selection of sheepskin rugs in a range of shades and large number of orders is processed monthly. Some of the main colours available are beige, chocolate, cream, grey, red, natural and teal.

Rughouse has modern rugs in single and dual colour shades to choose from. The materials used in manufacturing these rugs include wool, recycled silk, polypropylene, hemp, whiscose and more. There are three main styles or patterns available which includes floral, shaggy and modern. Some of the standard colour combinations include green and black, grey and brown, blue and beige, red and black, etc. These rugs can be placed in offices, houses, libraries, colleges, and many other establishments as per use.

The traditional rugs from Rughouse come in plenty of neutral tones and colourings. These are all machine made rugs with 100% polypropylene materials. A vast range of sizes available can be suitably placed in different rooms irrespective of their sizes. The dedicated and experienced staff assures quality and speedy service by looking after the needs of customers. Products are delivered all over UK to let the customer beautify their modern home and commercial environment.

The UK based online store also has cowhide rugs which can be a valuable addition on floors. With unique markings, customers are assured of owing a design which isn’t similar to the one owned by their neighbour. The cowhides originate from South America and with their authentic markings serve as suitable natural coverings. These rugs are useful as floor coverings, throw, bedspreads and wall hangings. Customers can check out the popular ones, latest arrivals, name-wise and price from high to low.

Calf hide and Sheepskin cushions serve a range of purposes and so does the reindeer rugs. These rugs are primarily sourced out of Arctic regions in Finland. It is a value for money addition for different establishments as floor, bed, chair and wall covering. Rughouse has a stock which keeps on growing with the passage of time and the stunning designs keep the look fresh. Storage centres of the store are spread all over UK which is registered in England and Wales.

About Rughouse:


Rughouse has a wide range of trendy and multipurpose rugs of different sizes and shades. It charges a reasonable price on majority of the rug items available for sale. The online store has a dedicated team of experts with professional experience. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.