New York, NY — Rude Boy Clothing Brand, a west coast based urban and street wear company is set to expand it's stores and catalog to multiple cities in Asia including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei. It's clothing brand previously opened a massive expansion to the UK, supplying over 15 stores and retailers with exclusive Rude Boy Clothing pieces, some only available in select retailers in London.

The company is known for it's exclusive and high priced limited edition items, some releasing as little as every three to four years. With the expansion to Asia and Europe, the brand is hoping to receive international recognition and support within the young urban consumers around the globe. The company also works with RBL Magazine (Rude Boy Magazine) which is an official partner of the clothing brand, allowing them to sponsor upcoming artists and talent in the hip-hop industry, and introducing the brand to major players in the music industry.

Rude Boy Clothing Brand's expansion to Asia is set to be completed by 2016 starting with retail distribution in multiple metropolitan cities, as well as a flagship boutique in Bangkok, Thailand. The majority of the stores and retailers will primarily sell limited edition hats, t-shirts and winter wear by the end of the year. By 2017, the company expects to release full season lines throughout the year in select cities.

"It is essential that we expand within the Asian community (world wide). We grew up on the Rude Boy and bad boy foundation and we all have Chinese backgrounds in this company. This is our home. This is actually where we started." - Jimmy Li - Co-Founder / Rude Boy Clothing Brand

Rude Boy Clothing Brand is an original clothing company built by Jimmy Li focusing on the urban lifestyle of the original rude boy urban lifestyle. The company has a strong foundation based on the old Jamaican term with a twist of modern design. The company promotes high achievement, motivation and accomplishment within the music and urban community, typically within the youth and younger generation.
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