The Rubi Tile cutter offers the most complete range of ceramic cutters to work in different models, sizes and accessories. RUBI ceramic cutters are ideal for cutting tile, tile, stone, or other types of tougher ceramics such as porcelain stoneware or porcelain also said.

The RUBI cutter is one of the tools that you can never miss a mason and is so easy to use that you can use if you are not a professional.


How to cut tiles with Rubi Tile Cutter step by step:


Place the guide at the proper angle on the tile you want to cut. For example, you can place it so that it allows you to cut a square tile in half or you can set it to cut a tile in a triangle so you can create a diamond shape on your floor.

Place the workpiece against the fence.

Slide the handle of the blade on the opposite end of the guide.

Press down hard enough to plunge the knife into the tile but not too much as to break the tile.

Pull the handle towards the guide while you keep it pressed. This will leave a line on the tile.

Return to the handle in the middle of the tile.

Pressing down on the handle to break the tile along the score line.


The  rubi tile cutter is equipped with a replaceable blade to cut and break glazed tiles, you should use to cut on a flat, hard surface court.



The cutting movement begins to move the lever back and forth and pressing lightly.

Raise the lever to get through the tile and move backwards.

You should then lift the insert part. Repeat this several times, to display a deep enough along mosaic slot. Make sure this happens. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Wall tiles (double firing) Place the spacer piece in half mosaic raising the lever. By lowering the lever, the mosaic will break. Floor tiles (double firing) Often this type of tiles are harder and can not be cut with the separator piece, so it is necessary to hit the back along the cutting line.

MAINTENANCE for the rubi tile cutter

The rails do not require lubrication. If you do not use your tile cutter for an extended period, we recommend lightly oil the rails and lever.