Roof repair is one of the most dreaded of home restoration projects for homeowners who officially own their place. Though exceptions are made by home improvement enthusiasts, people normally do not look forward to letting people hop overhead and stick a nail through the ceiling. However, when it’s a case of a leaky roof or roof ponding, you can do little but take the trouble of calling a roofer to attend to the problem. Owing to this, rubber roofing Doncaster services have shot up in popularity.


Roofers and Velux windows Doncaster service provider have taken up this concept to cater the people with a great alternate to asphalt roofing.


Getting at the Basics

Gladly, rubber roofing is not how it sounds. It is not like a dozen flattened tyres spread out over the concrete surface of the roof. The roofing material might come in rolls, but you may go for the rubber tiles that look very similar to slate shingles.


They even come in a variety of colours. The best thing about availing rubber roofing Doncaster service is that it uses recyclable rubber. Besides, they are made of saw and slate dust both of which are environment-friendly. Yes, this roofing is more expensive as compared to conventional asphalt, but they are definitely worth the penny.


The Pluses of Rubber Roofing

The reason why rubber roofing shot to popularity is their durability. The rubber roofing makes the roof durable to all sorts of cracking and crumbling that are normal signs of depreciation. Despite being exposed to corrosive weather conditions, the rubber used in this kind of roofing puts up a strong face.


Adding to the value, they come at a price cheaper than slate shingles. All the same, Velux windows Doncaster servicers claim that they are resistant to fire as is slate shingles. Rubber roofing does not require the users to run a maintenance job every now and then. They can run longer without any maintenance required.


It is quite a surprise, but most roofers warranty their roofing service for a period of 30 to 50 years which is near lifetime. As a show of its durability, the first rubber rooftop installed in the year 1980 is still holding strong after the first decade of this century. So, when you add low maintenance and high life expectancy, you get rubber roofing.


It is true that rubber roofing Doncaster installation takes a shorter time frame as compare to others. At the same time, it requires a specialized skill as it is nothing like pouring tarmac of laying membrane over concrete. Both laying and repairing of rubber roofs take very special skills. Problems of leakage is non-existent with these roofs as rubber apparently has no seam through which water or ice can make way to the concrete core.


Moreover, the shingles made of rubber are a lot lighter. Thus, heaving them up through the stairs through your main entrance does not require herculean taskforce.


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