(Free Press Release) Wristbands, those often colorful encircling strips wrapped around the wrist, are often worn to show dedication to a particular causes. Others are also commonly used for admission to events. There are also some wristbands that are used simply as jewelry to accessorize. Most often, people go for wristbands that are customized to serve a certain exact purpose.

SpeedyWristbands.com, a leading online source for personalized wristbands, allows customers to personalize their silicone bracelets and rubber wristbands with their choice of color, logo and message to be placed.

Headquartered in West Covina, California, SpeedyWristbands.com has been in the industry since 2005 and has produced millions of wristbands worldwide. The company takes pride in the superior quality rubber bracelets they produce made out of 100% silicone. With a required minimum order of only 20 silicone wristbands, customers can have snap-off proof items that are made with perfect elasticity and texture.

SpeedyWristbands.com creates wristbands that are perfect for promotional needs in schools, events, and organizations. Its products are fully customizable from the message on the rubber bracelets, the font being used, the size of the silicone wristbands, and method of inputting the text. This company also offers advanced optional add-ons such as key chains, swirl, segmented, and 1-inch wristbands, among many others.

Customers can choose to include and of SpeedyWristbands.com stock logos, or upload their own corporate logo. SpeedyWristbands.com uses exact Pantone PMS color matching, where customers can choose from a thousand different colors to get the exact color they want.

SpeedyWristbands.com take prides on the commitment it makes to ensure on-time delivery. This company offers rush shipping to deliver ordered rubber bracelets in as quick as five days.

Go for practical yet stylish wristbands to send out a message for cause and events or to simply show your own fashion. Visit http://www.speedywristbands.com today. You can never go wrong with the trusted name in rubber bracelets and silicone wristbands.

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