May 18, 2013: RT Agencies extend its services to Greater Vancouver BC area. Its products include stretch film, stretch wrap systems, industrial compactors, pallet wrapping Vancouver BC and desiccant products that are specially made for varied industries. 

The objective of RT agencies is to make certain that businesses in the area are supplied with cost-effective packaging supplies Vancouver BC and services. Reliable packaging is necessary to protect varied products during storage and transit. 

RT Agencies stay true to its commitment by offering an extensive product range designed with systems that are most effective when it comes to packing and packaging things that are important to its clients. 

One distinctive product from RT Agencies is the X-Stretch stretch film Vancouver BC carriage that presents cost-effective film. It utilizes 20 inches machine film and the tension is adjustable electronically. It is designed with user-friendly and advanced Digi-Tech control unit that features special functions to wrap any kind of pallet. It comes with photo-eye height detection and a dual adjustable film carriage speed. 

The company is also popular in Vancouver for employing a distinctive technology for moisture control – the Absorpole. These poles are made from highly-absorbent calcium chloride that eliminates the moisture from the air. It is easy to hang these poles in a corrugated recess of side panels in a common container track. This space-saving technology can prevent accidental damage during transit and storage. 

Businesses who want to reduce their expenses for industrial waste disposal and handling up to 80% can also consult RT Agencies. The company offers the KebBay waste compact that can compact the whole content of a conventional waste dumpster into a single polyethylene bag. 

For a free trial offer, you can visit or call at 604.467.4929