12, May 2015: So you have saved all your hard earned money from your meager middle class salary and dream of owning your own home in Delhi NCR. You search through property in various classifieds, online portals, property brokers, looking for the perfect house in your limited budget.

Gurgaon and Noida property prices are shooting through the roof and beyond the reach of the common man. Next best option is Faridabad which offers budget homes for budget people.

You may come across flashy advertisements and brochures promising you the world in your budget, specifically by small time builders like RPS Infrastructure Faridabad. They will have the best sample flat in the world, but if you fall for this kind of showoff, this will be the worst mistake of your life. If you decide to invest in any of the projects of RPS Group, you’ll regret your decision for the rest of your life. Read on to find out why.

First the project will be delayed by atleast 5 years and the total project completion time may take 10 years. Next they will make sure the agreement you sign is one sided and will never honour the builder-buyer agreement. If the project is delayed, they will never compensate you. But if you are late in making payments, they charge you interest.

Since RPS Group is a small time builder trying to make it big, the management and company people are inexperienced and don’t have an iota of experience how to deal with customers. Your first experience may be pleasant, but once you start to deal with the higher management, your nightmare will start.

They started with residential project ‘Savana’ in 2006 and its still not complete in 2015 and may take another 3-4 years to complete. RPS Palms was started in 2008 and still complete. RPS Rhythm was launched in 2007 but scrapped.

In order to gather funds to finish the existing projects, they have launched various other residential projects like RPS Auria, RPS Plateau Greens, commercial project like RPS Infinia, etc..

RPS Infrastructure Group Faridabad is an investors worst nightmare, where you invest all your hard earned money but you may never see the dream home you were promised.

Their corporate office is located at 1117-1120, 11th Floor, Tower-B, DLF Towers, Jasola District Center, New Delhi-110025.

For more complaints, visit https://rpsgroupcomplaints.wordpress.com/