24, April 2015: CPWorldFocus introduces the Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask, a sleep mask manufactured using pure mulberry silk to the market. In a market that is filled with low quality sleep masks, this product is certain to be very popular. 

The modern day individuals commonly face sleeping disorders or require decent rest during the daytime due to irregular working hours. Clinical research has proven that sleep deprivation has severe effects on the human body, irrespective of whether it is caused due to stress, busy schedule or a health disorder. Using a sleep mask can help towards improving the ability to gain some quality sleep. Currently a majority of the available sleep masks in market are manufactured using cheap materials such as satin, cotton or polyester. Customers are not aware that an option of greater quality, in fact the finest quality is available for an affordable price. 

The Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask is graceful and offers infinite comfort. It is made of pure mulberry silk. The material pure mulberry silk has unique features that facilitates the above qualities of the product. The mulberry silk thread is considered to be one of the sturdiest natural fibers in the world and it is also rounder, finer, smoother, and lighter and contains a uniform color. The most durable and deluxe silk would be the silk manufactured 100% with mulberry silk and filled with 100% mulberry silk floss. Mulberry silk is also enriched with health benefits. It is 100% hypoallergenic and contains subtle, natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids- a feature that no other organic or man-produced fiber possesses. It also contains natural cellular albumen, which expedites the metabolism of the skin cells that results in the delaying of the aging process of the skin around your eyes. Moreover, mulberry silk is a natural element, which is completely odorless. This quality makes it essential for individuals who are sensitive to unpleasant smells and prone to allergies. The product can also be of immense use for naps on flights and for meditation and quick rejuvenation techniques. CPWorldFocus also provides non-toxic and biodegradable packaging. 

Statics show that nearly 40 000 people search for sleep masks on the internet and the Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask stands out among other products as the finest solution. Purchase this and experience a relaxing and comfortable sleep which is indescribable in words. 

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