Babylon, NY, USA; 05, December 2016: Men can now learn the secret of getting a well-groomed beard without any hassles. is the website that offers valuable information for all those who want to have a full grown beard with integrity. The website also recommends different types of tested products, such as the beard oil that is highly effective in growing facial hair and maintaining a natural shine.

According to the spokesperson of the Royal Beard Club, growing a beard is a manly trait and there is a proper way to grow facial hair. They have beards oils and other products in their stock that help promoting beard growth and also nourish the skin beneath it. They also have a limited time special offer that brings free beard comb and free shipping throughout the United States on beard oil and beard butter. At the same time, the product combo is available at a huge discount of 7% for a limited period only.

The products suggested by them not only help in growing healthy and shiny beard, but also offer a solution to skin dryness. The beard butter provides nutrient and moisturizer to the skin beneath the beard and there is no problem of itchy skin. One can grow a long and bushy beard and it gives a fresh smell. AJ Macaluso, who is the Co-founder of Royal Beard Club, maintains that there are many men who regularly use their beard grooming products to have a smooth and silky beard. Moreover, the beard oil has a pleasant scent that helps a man to feel fresh all the time. is a valuable platform for all beard lovers. The free comb that one gets with the offer allows men to address the issue of messy or entangled hair. With a regular combing, it helps maintain the natural shine of the beard and also helps the oil to reach the root of the beard. There are several important tips that one will find useful in their way to growing a beard. To learn more about the best ways of beard growing and grooming, one can visit the website


Royal Beard Club offers home beard oil recipe and a variety of top quality beard care products, including beard oils, waxes, brushes, combs and advice on how to care for your skin, beard and mustache. They also offer tips and helps for people to learn about the best ways of growing a beard.

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