Los Angeles, California, 01 February, 2014: Ron Soha, who is popular for backing movie projects with dark humor and graphic violence, has recently signed a deal to produce a movie. The movie is titled “The Backward Path,” which is currently in the pre-production stage. Shooting of the movie is expected to begin within a few months and the expected time of commencement is set targeting May 2014. According to Ron Soha, “Recently, I have finalized the deal to produce The Backward Path. I liked the concept of the movie and it has a lot of potential to try something new and exciting to enhance the appeal of movie genre that I usually do. We are looking forward to start the shooting, as soon as the pre-production phase is over.” “Since I moved to Los Angeles I got a new aim to my life. I love to try new things for this genre and make it standout by reaching maximum number of viewers. I believe that my association with The Backward Path will be a good move in this direction,” says Ron Soha. Recently, Ron has finished working on a documentary, “With Great power- the Stan Lee Story.” It has won multiple awards and shows his interest towards the new independent films. Presently, he is commencing many such independent film projects. “We are happy to associate with Ron for our new movie. We are confident that he will provide vital inputs and not just act as a producer,” says a producers of The Backward Path. 

For more information, visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4346973/ 

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