No matter what a client is selling, Roland Frasier, a best-selling author and marketing genius, has techniques to expand reach and increase the bottom line. Now, Roland Frasier discusses how to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Twitter is considered a platform for young users and many businesses that target older crowds have never used this platform. However, there are easy ways to utilize Twitter no matter what products or services are being sold, according to Roland Frasier, a marketing expert as see on the web at

According to Roland Frasier, bestselling author and blogger as seen at , Twitter is constantly evolving. Changes to the "Following" and "Followers" pages on Twitter have given users the ability to utilize this platform more effectively. When users click on "Following," a pull-down menu appears that allows users to send messages, unfollow or perform other functions.

Roland Frasier, on the web at , suggests several ways to utilize Twitter to greatest advantage. Roland Frasier says, "Personally, I use several third party Twitter Apps to manage my follows, unfollows, Tweets and such, including Twitter Karma, Flash Tweet and TwitRobot." Roland Frasier suggests that Twitter can be managed remotely by scheduling tweets, allowing businesses to use the platform to its full potential.

By using Twitter effectively businesses can reach out to a broader base of customers and build brand loyalty. Like most social media, Twitter is very useful for sending short, rapid messages about sales, features and other important information. By using this platform to its fullest potential, Roland Frasier believes that business can increase their potential and better utilize their marketing budgets. For more information, see

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