Rokit Boost, a company dedicated to delivering efficient yet affordable mobile accessories, has recently launched the Omni-Charge 6 Ports USB Charging Hub. Packed with impressive features, this new product promises to be a great purchase for the all mobile devices’ users.

New York, NY (September 01, 2015) -  Rokit Boost is delighted to announce the launch of yet another high-quality mobile accessory in the form of their latest innovation, the Omni-Charge 6 Ports USB Charger. The company has already carved a niche in the mobile accessories market by designing several products that have helped users make the most efficient use of their favorite mobile devices. Equipped with as many as six charging ports, the company’s new release Omni-Charge has been designed to provide super-fast charging experience to the users of iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and Android devices.

Some of the most noteworthy features of this 6 port USB hub are as follows

- All six ports of the product are compatible with all smart devices. Therefore, users can plug their phone or tablet in any of the ports. The charger detects the devices, and provides the optimum voltage required for charging each of the six devices.

- Super-fast charging is a key benefit of this product. It is capable of delivering the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port. This charger requires less than 2.5 hours to charge an iPad mini completely from zero. This speed is an hour faster compared to its own charger.

- The six ports present in the charger centralize all the charging requirements, and relieve users from running around to look for cables and wall plugs.

- Excellent safety features with support for over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection. The product has been manufactured from materials that are resistant to fire and high temperature.

The complete package of Omni-Charge multi port USB charger comprises of the charger, 5ft detachable power cord, and two cable organizers. Rokit Boost is offering one year warranty. Omni-Charge is currently up for sale on Amazon and Rokit Boost’s official website. Company sources reveal that the product will be available very soon on NewEgg.

Within a very short lifespan, Omni-Charge has already received excellent feedback from the users. A highly impressed Amazon shopper recommends the product saying, “You don't have designated ports for tablets, and others for phones. They all detect your device and charge it as needed. This is awesome! I don't need to find my glasses and read the tiny writings next to each port. Charges really fast too. Very happy with my purchase. Good job Rokit Boost.”

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About Rokit Boost:
Rokit Boost is a pioneer of affordable, high-quality mobile accessories. Whether they are innovations including iPhone charger cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boost’s team seeks to add substantial enhancements to great existing products. The company also offers a refurbishment program of certified products for exceptional customer value, at reduced pricing.

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