ROK electronic cigarettes is now up to 45% off retail price. There is currently a 35% off promotion from ROK Universal on their starter kits and E-CIG HUB is now offering a 10% off ROK Universal discount code to go on top of it: BESTUK. The ROK is one of the more popular electronic cigarettes on the market today. Featuring all the advantages of e-cigs with the unique, smaller battery and cartomizers sizes, the ROK actually delivers a high quality product.

The ROK electronic cigarette replaces traditional tobacco cigarettes by using a cartomizer filled with flavor liquid that contains nicotine. When the smoker inhales on the cartomizer, the battery at the end activates the atomizer which in turn heats the liquid. The result is water vapor that is pulled into the lungs. There is no tobacco in the ROK e-cigs and none of the carcinogens that tobacco carries. Cost wise using the ROK discount code , one can save more money with ROK versus standard cigarettes.

What separates the ROK from many other electronic cigarettes is that the cartomizer and battery are smaller and actually the size of many standard tobacco cigarettes. This means that without close inspection, the ROK effectively mimics the look of tobacco cigarettes better than most of the competition.

The ROK Starter Kit comes with a charging case, personal charging case, 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, 1 USB and 1 Plug for the chargers as well as instructions and an info card. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, the ROK poses no danger to those in the same room and therefore is safer to use in public. The ROK is a durable proven product that can either help smokers quit the habit or significantly reduce their expenses.

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Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom
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