Answer Rocks Officials Denied Rumors Of their "Answer Rocks" being extracted the "Cave of Treasures" in Jerusalem.

Atlanta, GA - July 28, 2015
Since "Your Miracle Today Network" unveiled their Answer Rocks on June 20, rumors have being circulated around the Internet via email, about their answer rocks being extracted from the "Cave of Treasures" in Jerusalem.  The “Cave of Treasures” is believed to be the burial place of Adam and secret texts, located near Jerusalem, under the place where Jesus was buried and rose from the dead.

The speculations emerged after observers noticed that the company stated that their answer rocks were being extracted from secret "Treasure Caves" on the website.

Hillary Bush a spokesperson for "Answer Rocks" said “answer rocks are not being extracted from The "Cave of Treasures" in Jerusalem."  "The suggestion that answer rocks' origin is kept secret because answer rocks are being extracted from "Cave of Treasures" in Jerusalem is “absurd, totally without foundation.”

"The company's decision not to disclose the specific location of the “treasure caves” where answer rocks are being extracted is to avoid the caves from being bombarded by curious people and slowing down the extraction work in progress." the spokesperson adds.

Answer Rocks are believed to be special earth formations with energetic properties used with specific techniques for drawing prosperity, empowering and energizing.

"Although they are modestly priced, these special stones are priceless, they will literally manifest miracles in people's lives" Said Bill Gamble, operations manager for “Your Miracle Today Network”.  Furthermore, with The Company’s Unbeatable Guarantee, each customer's journey towards a happier, healthier and wealthier life becomes completely risk-free"   continues Bill.

"Financial stability is the door to freedom, health, happiness, contentment and well-being and Answer Rocks will help open that door to people worldwide" said Rev. Dr. Ne Be Founder of "Your Miracle Today Network".

Your Miracle Today Network is a miracle and healing ministry. The Ministry aims to overcome the forces of poverty and paralysis through spiritual and natural approaches.

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