Sales of Dalton‘s new CD “Rising” help veterans
through Operation Homefront

Houston, Texas —November 13, 2009 — Jake Dalton has many dreams. One of which is to help others and that is exactly what he plans to do by donating 50% of the proceeds from his new CD Dalton “Rising,” through the end of November. The prerelease is available now exclusively at DigStation Artist: Dalton

Operation Homefront is a great organization that helps veterans and their families. Dalton chose to give proceeds to Operation Homefront because the money goes directly toward helping veterans and/or their families instead of paying high administrative overhead.

Tried and true Texan Dalton has loved music all his life. “I used music as a way to share my soul,” he states. Supporting soldiers and veterans is a subject close to Dalton‘s heart. “Both of my grandfathers were WWII veterans and I loved listening to the stories they shared with me!” Dalton is impressed with Operation Homefront, “because it‘s an organization that provides essential immediate help, like housing for wounded warriors or helping repair the only vehicle the family of a deployed soldier has.”

“Please Remember,” an ode to service men and women, pays tribute and gratitude to the young men and women of the armed forces of the United States of America. Dalton will donate 50% of all proceeds from “Please Remember” (track #4 on the CD) through January 2010. He wants to share his music and lyrics. He wants to share his heart and soul and he wants the sales of his CD to soar to assist veterans through Operation Homefront.

You can help. Please listen to and promote the CD. You will not only be helping by spotlighting a great new musician, but you will be a part of a very noble cause.

Before you lies an opportunity to help get the word out and share love and goodwill. Like you, our veterans and soldiers deserve honor and respect. “Please Remember!”

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