Grants, New Mexico, June 5, 2014: The musical journey of Robert Studer began a few years ago after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor. During his operation, he was given a glimpse of what he refers to as “Heaven on earth”. Citing this as the fire and passion for his new life mission, Studer decided to pursue a career in music in order to share his unique experience. Having gained an arcane glimpse of reality, Studer’s latest release All For Love” is his attempt to relay his story to the masses and provide unveiled truth.

During this fearful ordeal he was given a glimpse of what he refers to as Heaven on Earth. Studer was compelled and guided by a much higher source to compile the lyrical messages he was receiving into the musical tracks embedded on this new CD. Studer’s new release “All For Love” is his attempt to relay his amazing experience with the masses in a attempt to provide unveiled truth. Studer believes that the power of the rock genre has helped redefine culture many times over, which is why he sticks to its primary conventions. Based heavily in love for one another, “All For Love” is Studer’s attempt to help individuals re-connect with their spirituality through lyrical content. Each track is individually crafted to appeal to listeners’ sense of humanity, while highlighting the importance of belief in a higher power.

Since his miraculous awakening Studer is passionate about sharing this experience with the world. Believing that ones best life can only come from a true undeniable connection with our creator and universal source. The track “Separation Fades away” is the main message of individual re-connection with this higher power. Having the gift of music at a very young age Studer was finally given the gift of truth and sight. This combination is what prompted the merger of the two powerful mediums to share the music and messages with all people. Studer’s experience was a view of life void of all fear, doubt, guilt, blame, and judgement. It was and is a magical world. We can all reach this place when we focus on the truth of what really matters here in this life. “All For Love”. Believe, it is the ultimate power granted to us from our creator

Studer believes without a doubt that all humanity can reach their highest level of being only through individually connecting to their inner source of power. Once connecting individually with our creator, connecting with each other just happens naturally. We are all one and were created in the same image and power. It all begins from within. The power of heaven on earth is inside of us all. In addition to promoting “All For Love” internationally, Robert Studer is currently working on a book that illustrates his life-changing experience and that he hopes will help readers and listeners get closer to their creator.

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