Robert Elias Ballard from Zirconia, North Carolina and a former General Electric Outdoor Lighting Systems employee announces his latest self published book,Inspirational Reflections and Other Musings with a Simpler Flair,a collection of 48 short articles.

July 24, 2010 -- Many are personal recollections from his life experiences which are often a source of thoughts and personal reflection. In Chapter 1,Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,Ballard shares the little prayer taught him by his father. In Chapter 3, God Answers Prayer, Ballard give a recent account of how answered became the solution to a dilemma his youngest son found himself with a work related issue. There are many other similar reflections contained in this brief but interesting book.

In other chapters Ballard's gift for telling stories with a simpler flair are written down where he shares stories about The Old Swimming Hole, Don't Ever Argue With a Woman, and you will laugh when reading A Big Boom in the Outhouse.

Robert Elias Ballard's books may be previewed and/or purchased at: Robert Elias Ballard lives in Zirconia, NC with his wife, Jane and son Gary.

Contact :
Robert Elias Ballard
1772 Green river Rd
Zirconai, NC 28790
[email protected]