May 1, 2015 New York, N.Y. – Roampod, an IoT hardware startup, will present a new long-range wireless messaging device at TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hardware Alley on Wednesday May 6.

Contemporary lives increasingly depend on technology and connectivity. Unfortunately, there are many situations when our smartphones have no coverage at all or roaming costs are too expensive.
Outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, hunters, and off-grid lifestylers have all experienced moments when they wished they had a way to send a message to their friends or family. People attending crowded concerts, sporting events, or traveling in foreign countries would also all appreciate having a better way to stay connected with their groups.

Roampod lets you do these things by allowing your smartphone to send and receive messages over a new wireless technology without the need for a cellular or WiFi network. It  uses an ultra-low power consumption radio to provide long range transmission that doesn’t compromise battery life. Combined with patent pending mesh software, Roampod will be able to provide crowd sourced coverage well beyond the capabilities of traditional off-grid devices. Roampod will work with iOS and Android devices via a Bluetooth Smart.

Roampod lets users send secure, encrypted 1-to-1 or group messages to other Roampod users. The app also includes offline maps which allow you to share your location with your friends or groups. And Roampod does this all without any monthly fees or roaming costs.

The startup founders, Nik Kitson and Youyi Kitson, are avid travelers and snowboarders. They know firsthand the challenges of being completely disconnected when visiting remote places, and they have used their high-tech and entrepreneurial expertise to design a solution to this problem.

“Roampod is our first step on a journey to give our customers complete control, taking communication beyond the bounds of cellular and WiFi. We are working on building and partnering to deliver an experience that will enable Roampod to connect people, communities, and things everywhere.” said Nik.

The telecommunications industry builds coverage based on where people live and work, which unfortunately leaves most of the places they travel and play underserviced or overpriced. Roampod will address this problem by offering a secure, reliable, and affordable solution. The device will be available in US & Canadian markets starting in the Fall of 2015.

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