Every day risky cosmetic treatments are taking place in Australia, says the head, peak body of plastic surgeons. He has asked the authorities to ban procedures that are conducted in dangerous environments. Healthcare professionals have thrown their weight behind the call, and a leading fellow from the center for health programs, economics and health of the University of Melbourne have stated that the patients who stepped forward to protest were only a small percentage of those affected. Hugh Barhtolomeusz president Society of Plastic Surgeons of Australia said his group was worried facelifts, breast augmentation, laser treatment, liposuction plus other treatments and surgeries were being conducted within non-medical facilities.

“These procedures are usually carried out by doctors who do not specialize in plastic surgery and within non-accredited spaces,” stated Dr. Bartholomeusz.

“The unsuspecting patient is not aware that Physician Y, operating within a luxurious looking space, is a highly unsafe situation. The fact that deaths are not being reported can be attributed to sheer good luck, considering how wide spread this problem is”

Bartholomeusz further stated that it was not easy to say how extensive the problem was due to the fact that there was no law or licensing specifying cosmetic procedures could be conducted only within medical facilities. No statistics exist regarding how frequently cosmetic procedures are being conducted or causing impairment within these facilities,” said he. For each patient who complains, several dozens kept quiet, said Marie Bismark of the University of Melbourne. “Only a small percentage of individuals who have complaints actually step forward to complain,” said she. An attorney and a physician, she stated her investigations indicated some patients felt they were pressured to go through more treatments than they planned; complained that the surgery benefits were over exaggerated, and were required to endorse consent forms minutes prior to their treatment.

John Flynn of the Australian College of Cosmetic Operation stated that some physicians imported low-grade products from abroad.

“The procedures are very expensive here partly because equipment and products undergo a rigorous quality and safety testing procedure,” said Dr Flynn. Chances are that products purchased at highly discounted rates have not gone through such process.

Natural Alternatives to Surgical Procedures

Holistic medicine has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Beauty regime that only relies on natural methods and remedies. Claire Mier who’s the author of GetCurvyNow.com firmly believes that natural breast enhancement does work. In fact, she is one of many women from the active community who have gotten great success enhancing breast size and firmness the natural way.

The effectiveness of these herbal remedies is so underrated,” stated the author. “I get asked on daily basis if it works. My readers do want to believe it’s true but has so many doubts about it.”

Claire goes on and recommends, “Among many products on the market, I usually recommend Breast Actives to the beginners because not only is it so effective, it is easy to use. The product is a fraction of the cost of surgery, not to mention its safety and the long-lasting results.”

However, Claire emphasizes that instructions must be followed strictly to make it work. “People tend to expect the results to be overnight. Let’s be realistic here, we can’t lose 10 pounds in 2 days. The same rules apply with natural breast enhancement; it takes time and dedication.”

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