Medical support and expert care for the lonely aged in Kolkata now available through Risingcare.

KOLKATA, INDIA (MAY 03, 2016): Risingcare has taken the initiative supported by a group of social workers and medical professionals, to see that old age patients and people staying alone at homes in Kolkata can get apt medical services, company and activities to stay happy and fit through these days of life. The Kolkata based organization encourages elderly people not to leave their homes just because their families are relocating, but rather they are willing to provide professional care and support to the aged in every way starting from providing trained nurse at home Kolkata to emergency hospitalization and care, medicines and all medical and paranormal services.

Risingcare says that they have the experts to handle difficult situations, which normally even families cannot handle. Instant medical attention, immediate supply of important medicines, emergency hospitalization for elder Kolkata is the various services they provide to people who are compelled to stay alone at Kolkata homes or choose to stay alone.

There are testimonials on the website of Risingcare which says how people in the old age got company through the organization. They also hold events and meets for the elderly to unite and exchange thoughts. They give company, and also provide physiotherapy and other healing exercises and services to the patients. Patients of various types are handled by their medical experts, and they can handle dementia, stroke, and paralyses patients through their expertise. They also have a stroke rehabilitation Kolkata unit, where stroke patients suffering from the after effects of the attack can get relief, and get back to main stream life gradually.

The organization is focused at giving psychotherapy, company and metal thrust to the aged so that they get back the feeling to live and strive while recovering from any aliment or problem. More information about their working can be derived from

According to our research on the organizations protocol and other information’s here are few points that we felt important to be noted. These points support and explain in detail the availability of trained nurse at home in Kolkata from Rising care with 24 x 7 Doctor’s Support and Monitoring.

Rising Care Nurses bring top quality care for our clients' at home. What they bring to you:
* Employees recruitment process Is stringent, & evaluation Is Completed Based On assignments given.
* Thorough screening of field staff including reference and background inspections.
* Clinical expertise, verified & supported through on-going education & abilities and inspections
* Multidisciplinary home nursing services & internal situation management for cost-effective care centered on positive outcomes.
* Same point access through the Nursing Care Helpline makes it easy for all to get the best care at home.
* 24 x 7 Service makes our service unique and best in town.
* Nurses are well supervised by attached doctor or physician, making the service far better.
* We do take care of insurance and safety of our staff making them work more dedicatedly than any other organization.
* A team of doctors working with the patient at home or at hospital monitors the services of the nurse making him/her more efficient and perfect in his job.
* Nurses do play the role of caregivers with support from Rising Care organization in the coordination with the family of the senior citizen.
* They Offer reliable assistance and aid in day to regular day activities of everyday life on a shift basis.
* Our expert employees are educated to follow a personalized plan of taking care of each client in their home.

A Personalized PLAN OF CARE Can Include ANY OR The Following:
* Appointment & medication reminders
* Bathing: Bed baths, tub baths, or showers
* Dressing, grooming, & toileting
* Escorting clients to visits & outings
* Mobility/Ambulation stairs, wheelchairs, & ramblers
* Diet help with eating
* Exercise routines: Passive or active flexibility
* Obtaining prescriptions
* Buddies Converse, Reminisce, Play Games & Read.

About Rising care:
The organization is based in Kolkata to support and give professional care with their team of experts and doctors, trained staff and nurses, to the aged and lonely people in Kolkata homes.

Rising Care
1582, Southend Conclave Rajdanga Main Road Kolkata- 700107
Phone: +91 90380 77784
Email: [email protected]