(Free Press Release) Rigg My Roll, opened in October 2011, is an online store specialising in scooter parts, accessories and custom-built scooters. The scooter enthusiasts at Rigg My Roll have a growing reputation across the UK for understanding the needs of scooter riders. They are members of the International Scooter Association and heavily involved in their local scene in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. By interacting with local riders at the Valley Garden‘s skate park, itself only completed last year, they have developed their understanding of the needs and requirements of young people in the area.

This has influenced the direction of the business, and has a considerable impact on the products they stock. The shop is aimed at serious scooter riders and stocks top brands that offer both exceptional quality and value for money. They have a wide range of scooter decks, bars and wheels, as well as protective equipment and helmets. They also have a team of core riders which allows them to trial new equipment, scouting out the best gear and riding at skate parks across the UK.

As they only sell products they have tested themselves, they are able to recommend kit such as Blunt decks, Proto Gripper 110mm wheels and Phoenix Suicide bars with confidence. Another benefit of having such an expert team is that they are able to offer quality advice to customers. Since micro scooters took off in Japan in the late 1990s, scooter technology has advanced at an alarming rate. Confusing topics such as whether or not a set of bars will fit with a particular clamp/compression system, or the difference between HIC, SCS and ICS, can be explained with ease.

Rigg My Roll pride themselves on making sure that customers get the right gear for their needs, but they also like to put a few goodies in with each order. A box of scooter wheels might be delivered with some wrist bands or stickers, for example. They also run competitions and special offers from their Facebook page, and have a Youtube channel with videos of the team. For more information on the scooter bars, decks, wheels and other kit offered by Rigg My Roll, visit the website, or contact them by phone (0844 822 1523) or email ([email protected]).

Contact Details:
Michelle Woolley
Rigg My Roll Ltd
7 Cruet Fold, Hampsthwaite
0844 822 1523
[email protected]