The country of south Africa now recognizes rife machines as a medical device.

New Lenox, Il, 10/19/2015 -- "Who say's rife machine don't work," James Matthew said. James in the CEO of one if not the largest holistic machine company on the Internet and in the world, Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
Rife Machine are now considered a medical device and therefore require a license in the country of South Africa as of 2012.

Why is thin important one may ask. Unlike the United States, the country of South Africa must not have the big pharmaceutical companies and the South African government controlling each and everything that the world of holistic health care does.

The country of South Africa decided that people, doctors, clinics and hospitals were going to purchase rife machines anyways so why not recognize their use in medical care and license it as a medical device so this way the South African government can make money off of them by taxing them as a medical device, control their use and charge for a license as well.

"Trust me when I say we in the United States are better off not having to license a rife machine." James Matthew said. Because if they were we would not be able to sell them to just anyone or to a home user. The less control the government has on holistic health machines the better for everyone."

"The reason South Africa recognized rife machines as a medical device, and requires a license means that the government most likely did their research and proved that a rife machine can really cur sickness, illness and disease." James Matthew said.

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