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Rife Machine Cures 16 Cancer Patients - Learn More
New Lenox, Il, 11/6/2015 ? According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC studies show that rife machines have cured cancer in the past.
James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC said; "Being located in the United States we have to be very careful on making any claims or reporting any testimonials. No matter how true they may be. The powers that be, meaning the US Government, the FDA, the Medical Industry, and the pharmaceutical giants have a lot of power and do not like anything that is not FDA approved or FDA cleared to successfully cure any illness or disease.
"Trust me, we have plenty of happy rife machine customers. So let's just leave it at that." James Matthew said.
James Matthew said, "However what we can report is some rife machine success stories conducted in the early 1900's with the original rife machine created by Dr. Royal Rife himself."
Can the Rife Machine Cure Cancer?
In 1934, an experiment was reportedly conducted that did show the Rife machine cured cancer. It is commonly reported that a Special Medical Research Committee was formed at the University of Southern California. The committee consisted of medical doctors and pathologists. It is reported that they brought sixteen terminally ill cancer patients who were near death form the Pasadena County Hospital to the laboratory of Dr Rife to be treated with the Rife frequency generator. The plan was for the patients to be examined in 90 days if they were still alive.
Reports are that after the 90 days, the patients were examined and fourteen of them were declared cured. The other two stayed at the laboratory. Their treatments were intensified. Four weeks later, those two were also declared cured.
James Matthew goes on to say, "We at Miracle Alternatives, LLC create and sell our own rife machine called the Miracle Rife. To be absolutely clear, our rife machine is made as closely as possible to the original rife machine created by Dr. Royal Rife himself in 1031."
James Matthew also said, "Our rife machine during use sweeps through all the trillions of rife frequencies. This assures the user will get exposure to all rife frequencies possible. This way, what ever the users body is suffering from, such as a life-threatening disease, the correct frequency or frequencies can attempt to correct the users cells that are causing the illness, sickness and or disease."
"Warning. There are several rife machines on the market that allow the user to select the frequency for what ever their illness may be. This is like playing god. Who ever built that machine cannot possibly know which frequencies can attempt to correct the unwanted life-threatening condition. This is why our Miracle Rife Machine exposes the users body to all possible frequencies with the theory the users body will use which ever frequency or frequencies it needs in order to correct the health problem."
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Summary: When is concerns purchasing a rife machine note the following. When Dr. Royal Rife cured 16 people of cancer back in the 1930's there was no such thing as computers. And look what happened, it allegedly cured and saved the lives of 16 cancer victims. That being said, why would any company add all these bells and whistles by letting the user/patient select from a list of frequencies? It is absolutely dangerous. Then why do they build a rife machine like this? It;s simple. They want their machine to seem like a higher tech rife machine thus charging a high price tag on it. We at Miracle Alternatives, LLC would never trick our customers like this. Our rife machine is simple, effective and it is absolutely powerful. We do get positive feedback from our customers. So let's leave it at that. As stated earlier, we really have to be careful what we claim and how we word things." James Matthew said.
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