26, March 2016: Paris, the capital of France and the capital of romance, attracts thousands of people from all over the world travel there, hoping to encounter some unforgettable things and peoples. This city has more than 2,000 years of history. Travel on Paris, the most impressive point is the perfect integration of historical relics and modern skyscrapers. The Parisians today are still walking on the gravel roads of 19th century, which Hugo, Baudelaire, Madame Curie, Picasso and many other famous people had walked on. Travel on this colorful city, people needs an efficient and convenient transport. Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 is the best choice.


From Chatelet Square to Champs-Elysees, the oldest and busiest area is the Centre of Paris. And the center of the Centre is the Cite. The well-known Notre-Dame de Paris and Conciergerie are both on it. On the north of Cite, stand the Pl. de Concorde, Sainte Marie Madeleine and Palais du Louvre. Start from Arc de Triumphe du Caroussel, through Pl. de Concorde and triumphal arch and reach to Grande Arche, this is the world-famous scenery line.

Aside from all these historical relics, Paris also has developed fashion industry. All famous brands gather there, attract people to get in and shop. Even walking in the street and do some window shopping is happy enough for me. The scenery and places that are worthy to visit in Paris are countless. It will be tiresome to go everywhere on foot. Therefore, Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is the necessary transport for travellers. I can save more energy to see more scenery, which largely enriches my trip.


Riding Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6 to visit Paris, people can enjoy the feeling of free and confortable. The free and casual spirit of Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6 is perfectly fit in the feeling of Paris. Enjoy riding, enjoy Paris.

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