18, November 2015: On Christmas Eve, thousands of people will get home. Christmas Eve is essential for the celebration of the party. Most European and American family will be reunion at home, eat dinner, and then sit beside a burning stove, singing and playing guitar; or hold a masquerade, all night long to celebrate Christmas Eve, a happy, peaceful and joyous reunion night. You can ride Airwheel mini electric scooter S6 to attend party on Christmas Eve with envious attentions from the passers-by.


You can choose the most suitable for the riding position according to the situation. Various ways of riding brings unexpected comfort. You can stand or sit to ride which is suitable for a wider range of application scenarios. When you are in a sitting position, riders can use feet to stop the S6 saddle-equipped scooter other than jumping out of it, thanks to the lower centre of gravity when they are faced with sudden obstacles. When you are in standing position, you will have a good command of the surrounding and breaths fresh air.

With superior performance, you can go through even in a little a corridor. If the wide roads are in traffic congestion, you can choose other ways by riding Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter. You will never be late for the party and others are always envious of you. 130\260 wh lithium battery provides a long battery range. You can decide which battery capacity is suitable for your use. It gives priority to utility with the features of high-tech and environmental protection. Let you go farther.


Parties are making people excited and the presence of S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter makes it even sweeter. On Christmas Eve, when you ride Airwheel mini electric scooter S6 on the party road, you will become more excited both for the envious attentions and for the coming party.

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