Orlando, FL— April 04, 2016 — There are several forms of arthritis, and one is rheumatoid arthritis. This condition causes pain that is almost always the reason why many sufferers are living a reduced quality of life. In addition to pain, this condition also causes immobility.

Rheumatoid arthritis is considered the most crippling form of arthritis. This condition is painful and causes stiff joints. It is a chronic disease that usually starts developing when one is in the early 20s to middle age.

According to statistics, there are approximately 1.3 million individuals in the United States who suffer from the condition. It is believed to affect women more than men as 75 percent of individuals with the condition are females.

While the cause of RA has not been validated yet, it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder. When the immune system mistakenly attacks its own healthy tissues and cells, it causes inflammation within the joint area. This can potentially lead to skeletal system destruction.

RA is also thought to have devastating effects to various bodily organs, such as the lungs and heart. Factors such as heredity are believed to contribute to the onset of the condition. The symptoms of the condition include having joints that are inflamed, stiff, and painful. Sufferers may also experience deformed or frozen joints, cysts, low-grade fever, eye inflammation, and inflamed blood vessels.

Diagnosis of the disease is often made through procedures such as x-ray and blood tests. The treatment of the condition may be based on certain factors such as the overall health, age, and medical history of sufferers. There are other factors such as one’s tolerance of the use of pharmaceutical drugs, procedures, and therapies.

There is a variety of treatment options and remedies for RA. Experts recommend that sufferers should take time to rest their affected joints on a regular basis. Exercise is also necessary to maintain the flexibility of the joints.

To improve mobility, sufferers may also resort to physical therapy to prevent the joints from freezing, and eventually becoming immobile. They may also resort to heat or cold application and assistive devices such as walkers and crutches.

There are also nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) available that are widely known to help reduce pain and improve the mobility of sufferers. However, these medications are thought to cause certain side effects that are detrimental to health.

The use of natural remedies has been a popular alternative to these pharmaceutical drugs. One of the most popular natural remedies for arthritis is glucosamine supplements (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).
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