Orlando, FL — Nov. 25, 2015 — RFID Vault media representative, Kate Rutherford, announced the launch of the company’s new RFID sleeves that keeps credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses and even medical ID cards safe from unauthorized access. The shields come in a 12-pack that fit cards snugly and can be placed in pockets, purses and wallets.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are the preferred security method used by banks, businesses and governments to verify identity information. Cards using the technology are read with the use of RFID scanners at stores, kiosks and travel terminals, but they can also be accessed by the unscrupulous with a portable RFID scanner.

“RFID Vault utilizes a lightweight material that lines the sleeves to prevent RFID scanners from reading card information while they’re contained within the sleeves,” said Rutherford. “Cards are easy to slip in and out of the sleeves when needed and no cutting or trimming is required for a secure fit.”

The advanced technology blocks signals from RFID scanners that activate card information encoded on the RFID chips. When swiped through the scanner of a legitimate business, the machine reads the information for payment or identification purposes.

With a portable RFID scanner, hackers don’t have to be physically close to an individual to obtain their bank card or passport information. Portable readers fit into a backpack, briefcase or even a diaper bag and are capable of reading cards from afar.

Wireless theft is an easy process that relies on the hacker utilizing specific radio frequencies. The RFID chip is activated and responds by providing information that can include a person’s name, address, phone and Social Security number. Theft of medical ID information is also a very real concern. Once the data is harvested, other cards can be programmed to respond in a process known as cloning.

RFID Vault provides an inexpensive yet effective way for individuals to protect their credit cards, passports, medical cards and driver’s licenses from being scanned by those with fraudulent and illegal intent. The company’s sleeves are slim and fit standard sized cards without bulking up wallets and pocketbooks. The advanced technology blocks signals from hackers for improved privacy, safety and security (http://www.amazon.com/RFID-Blocking-Sleeves-Protector-Protection/dp/B0150T0AI2/).
RFID Vault is a brand dedicated to protecting your bank without breaking it! Keep your personal information stored on bank cards, credit cards, drivers licenses and passports safe a secure. We are dedicated to providing quality RFID products and personal customer service.

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