Finding the perfect date is not a simple task, but unless you are sure of what you are doing, even finding a date can be difficult at best and impossible at worst.

When it comes to dating advice for men, “I have seen men try and consistently fail trying to find a date.  My system cuts through to the point and helps men find dates and start quality relationships,” said Kyle Kelly of

In a video of approximately 70 minutes, Kelly helps men make immediate transformations; transformations that make fundamental changes in their love lives.

Places like Hollywood and the like make dating even more difficult for men.  Kelly breaks down these preconceived notions for you in his video.

“Thinking that you have to be fit, attractive, under 30 and wealthy is not the only way to a secure and happy life.  Hollywood and its obsessions have ruined many chances men have.  I show you how this is not the case,” Kelly added.

Kelly has a Masters in Teaching from Sydney University, and he uses his professional training to help guide men through his video.

“There are seven things that make men absolutely attractive to women; that is all.  Once you understand all seven, the rest falls into place naturally,” Kelly added when asked about dating tips for men.

On his webpage, Kelly identifies nine destructive lies that many men have learned as ‘truths’ about women and relationships.

“Read those and be amazed at how wrong you have been for some time.  Part of them go back to the Hollywood propaganda machine, and more go back to parents,” Kelly added.

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