EUR zone is moving ahead on the path of the economic improvement and the worst phase is now at its end.
The improved economic outputs from the market indicate that the EUR is moving on the right path. As third quarter indicated the expansion, the market is signaling additional growth in the coming year.

The economy of sixteen nations grew around 0.4% in the three months as compared to the 0.2% reduction in the Q2 and around 2.5% in the Q1.

The cost of borrowing money is cut to 1% and 60 billion EUR contributed for buying bonds to enhance the payments.

The data of today is providing the proof of the improvement in the economic condition as PMI manufacturing figures for November moving ahead with the 51.0 previously it was around 50.7, PMI services also reached to the peak point of around 53.2 that was higher than the previous figure of 52.6.

PMI manufacturing is moving ahead with the expansion in the Q4 uplifted with the largest two economies in the EUR area. Germany‘s PMI manufacturing figures of November moved up to 52.0, which is great than the previous 51.0 at the same time as the PMI services rushed to 51.5 as compared to the 50.7.

Overall, considering PMI is equally important because it comes under fundamental factors that influence the market directly or indirectly.

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