This is a review on and a GUIDE concerning how to use it properly!

First is the web site I've had utmost success on. Simply because they let you try it for free without. Also they have the greatest database of consumers. Not like other Dating/Hookup sites (Whom I won't mention. Who mostly have a male users. By the time you communication a chick, she has already been messaged by an a lot of open guys. This simple is not the case when it comes to there's a good even ratio of Women and also Men.

Secondly, it is not a dating website per say.. Much more of a hookup site. I defiantly like that because like any additional guy. I like to begin business right away. I do not have time for schedules and all that additional crap. I've screwed all the girls We've met on below the first day I satisfied them, except a single( she looked not like pics).

Third, it can be FREE. There's a test membership that doesn't need a credit card. But, I myself am a complete paying member since it is cheap and defiantly worth it. There's a lot of capabilities unlocked also, you'll save way more time and money doing this than conventional courting. I mean cmon... Meeting women in public is always a new drag, and you can't predict if they're down to fuck.

Here's what you do:

Step one. Sign Up for a free membership at, make sure you use your real information. You'll have to verify the email later. Don't be concerned this info wont show up in google or everything like that. It's private and discreet.

Step # 2. Upload pics, at least five pictures. They are often face shots, entire body shots, cock photos, or whatever drifts your boat. My spouse and i myself have images of me to girls. Without commencing a long drawn out explanation on why a great technique. In short ladies want a guy various other women want. However, if you don't have any. Meet chicks on here and get pics with these.

Step 3. Write some thing about yourself. This is optional. I didn't because, We've personally watched chicks login to MyHotBook to check out guys. They always go straight to the pictures. So I didn't use this step. But that knows? It could help.

Step . 4. Bring up the browse feature and search for ladies in a 100 distance radius. It should come back a huge list of hotties

Step # 5. Write one universal message in wordpad or perhaps notepad. Basically saying you're in the area along with you'd like to hookup, in a very short paragraph. Replicate this message along with send it to every single girl on the search list. It'll take too much time and you'll probably by no means get through the list. Particularly since women tend to be constantly joining.
Notice: This is a numbers video game, don't be shy. Greater you message the greater you message. The greater your chances are. I understand paying members can send out unlimited messages everyday. If you're a cheap ass you can get away along with sending a couple every day. But you wont be getting laid every night by way of a new girl unless of course you're sending out regarding 10 a day.

Step six. Wait for a reply. Never message a chick twice. Once you get a reply that means they're interested and that's the methods you focus on. There's a lot of women on MyHotBook, no need to hang around with ones that are not down to fuck.

Stage 7. Get their im info or these are cell so you can text. I noticed it's much more efficient for you to IM and TXT Ten girls at once, thus multitask.

Step 8-10. Setup a meeting. I usually have them come to our place for a couple products or something along individuals lines. I never ever take them to your meal because there's to many. I personally can't afford it. Perhaps if I where merely meeting one or two a week I could.

So there you have the idea. Using this method is how We have managed to hookup with nearly 20 ladies a month. Please submit your success or any comments you have.

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