19, October 2015: From its inception in the year of 2013 to its prominence both at home and abroad, Airwheel technology has gone through three years of development and growth. In retrospect, Airwheel launched its first model—electric unicycle X3 in its infancy. Even up to now, the models of X-series remain the classic ones. Throughout the whole process of Airwheel development and growth, it can be sufficiently hailed as the fastest-growing scooter-maker in the sector of scooter. It has rolled out various series to date with great success.


The first series, also the most classic one, is X-series. X-series is made up of X3, X5, X6 and X8. These single-wheeled intelligent scooters are famed for the agility. Especially when they turns, they could nimbly make a turn. Thereby they are widely applied to showing of thrilling riding skill. They has been taking root amongst the young who are highly skilled at riding unicycle scooters. They tend to flaunt their amazing wheelie in the main streets and the parks. However, they caused another problem—the excellent agility that they take pride in scare away a host of common scooter-lovers.

After soon, Airwheel pushed out Q-series, the twin-wheeled self-balancing scooters. These models include Q1, Q3 and Q5. The three models were born to complement the single-wheeled intelligent scooters like X3 and X8. The twin-wheeled structure ensures the better ability to maintain balance and at the same time the agility is not made dent in a lot. Airwheel has the cake and eat it.


Time went fast as expected. When the twin- and single-wheeled scooter were dominating the whole market for scooter, Airwheel released its latest models—two-wheeled scooter S3 and S3T. That meant that the age of two-wheeled scooter commenced from then on. This year, it pushed out other models of two-wheeled scooter—S5 and A3. The two-wheeled scooter culminated in Airwheel S5 and A3 came as another breakthrough in the history.

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